• Wanted: Interns & Volunteers for different projects!

    Due to the Coronacrisis, many borders are closed, so no possibility to travel! This has a big impact on the entire travel industry our company and on all our local partners who have no business at the moment, think of accommodations, guides, drivers etc. We want to do everything possible to pick up business as soon as the situation improves. We can do that by spreading our wings to reach more markets. An English website & content is therefore key! Read more about Charlie’s Travels and the different projects!


We have different projects that could be interesting to you! When you’re fluent in English, love writing and editing the Translation Project is definitely something for you!

In case you’re a real networker, you love PR and you would love to learn more from our own Charlie, the PR Internship could be something for you!

Do you have (some) experience with Youtube and you would love to learn more about YouTube and online/ video marketing, don’t hesitate to contract Charles direct about the Film/ Video Content Internship!

Do you want to learn more about SEO, copy, social media marketing and much more?! The Online Marketing Internship will be definitely something for you!

If you have specific skills and you would just like to help out with something, please feel free to get in touch with us!


You are Dutch speaking and want to learn more about online marketing!

De rol

  • SEO (youtube & website), copy, redigeren
  • Social media marketing: organisch & ads
  • WorldPress, Design & landing pages
  • Video Marketing: Optimize Youtube, YT ads, FAQ concept + uitvoeren, online landen seminars concept + uitvoeren
  • Etc. etc. etc.! The online world is our oyster!

Wil je hier meer over weten? Ben je enthousiast? Stuur dan een mailtje met een korte introductie, je CV, vanaf wanneer je beschikbaar bent en het aantal uur per week naar Remon (Head of Growth/ Marketing)- email:[email protected] en Sarah (HR)- email: [email protected]


Are you native English speaking and also good in writing?!

About the role

We are looking for people who would love to help us with different (translation) projects. We will be reaching out to more potential new travellers, by translating our website from Dutch to English! 

→ You are native English speaking and also good in writing? Do you like to help us translate website pages, videos (subtitle) and/or brochures?

Hours available: with only a few hours a week you can already help us big time! It’s also fun to do because we have written great stories over the years. The videos are obviously delightful to watch time after time 😉

In return: unfortunately there’s no business so we can’t pay you for it, but we can offer you:

  • a cost price trip when things open up again
  • killing time has never been so much fun!
  • being part of the Charlie’s Angels family 
  • we’re experts in the field of online marketing & content so there’s also a lot to learn
  • making an impact by contributing to a company that wants to change the future of tourism

Next step:
YES are you interested? Send an email with a short introduction about yourself, your availability (number of hours per week) and from when you will be available to Storm (Travel consultant)- email: [email protected]


You are Dutch speaking and want to learn more about film, youtube and online/ video marketing?

De rol

Wil je meer leren over film, YouTube en online/video marketing? We hebben DE content maar zetten het nog niet optimaal in op alle kanalen. Ben je op zoek naar een stage in deze richting? Whatsapp Charlie op +254718833309 en hij vertelt je er meer over.


You are Dutch speaking and have (some) experience and knowledge about PR?!

De rol

Gezien de crisis, de lancering van ons nieuwe video-kanaal en alle aandacht die er nu is voor het reizen in de toekomst draait onze PR-machine overuren! We krijgen aanvragen van media, mensen delen onze verhalen en we gaan een discussie leiden hoe reizigers in de toekomst bewuste keuzes kunnen maken! Reizen moet bijdragen, geen afbreuk doen.

Deze ontwikkelingen bieden enorm veel mogelijkheden op het gebied van PR:

  • Vak-, reis en actuele media benaderen (landelijk en regionaal)
  • Likeminded macro en micro influencers vinden en aan boord krijgen 
  • De kijker van het kanaal stimuleren de boodschap te verspreiden
  • Het discussieplatform over ‘Reizen na Corona’ voeren & begeleiden 
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Zoals je ziet: er zijn tal van mogelijkheden hoe jij je passie voor PR, content en Duurzaam Reizen nuttig kan maken in onze missie om het reisgedrag op een positieve manier te beïnvloeden! 


  • Ervaring met/ kennis over PR
  • Minstens 6 uur per week beschikbaar 
  • Affiniteit met / kennis over reizen en/of Afrika
  • Pres: goede schrijver, ervaring met WordPress, grote kennis van social media, neus voor journalistiek.

In return:

  • Bijdragen aan het Reizen van de Toekomst
  • Een kostprijs reis na de corona crisis
  • Kom lekker op de villa wonen en werken 😉 (indien reizen dat toelaat)
  • De beste sollicitatie ooit wil je bij ons komen werken in de toekomst
  • Het spel der PR nog meer eigen maken door mee te draaien in een succesvolle campagne!
  • Leer van Charlie himself, hij staat aan het roer van het PR-schip 

Next step:

YES, ben je razend enthousiast?! Stuur dan een mailtje met een korte introductie, v.a. wanneer je beschikbaar bent en het aantal uur per week naar Charles- email: [email protected]  en Sarah (HR)- email: [email protected] 


If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes and clichés, it is Africa. Until recently, mainly sensational & disastrous reports reached living rooms all over the globe. With a reason, but these messages dictate only 1 side of generally complex stories and often a rather negative one. 

This continent is bursting with positive stories and a diversity so wide you cannot comprehend it from the comfort of your couch at home. This one-sided story and negative perspective needs to change and tourism is the perfect tool to help this cause. An industry that is stuck in clichés, in which travelers are being pushed into the same typical directions. A safari or beach lodge is nice, but what have you really seen and experienced on this continent? Yes, you have seen beautiful wildlife. But how many people have you really spoken to? What is the biggest eye-opener you encountered? Which foods did you try? In the end: what is the complete story that you bring back home from your travels in Africa? 

Together with you, our travelers and our partners, we want to paint a complete picture and let people also engage in the ‘other side of Africa’! How? By offering a refreshing and authentic way of traveling and by sharing our stories. Being on ground 24/7 in the destinations we specialize in, enables us to develop our own routes, expand our network daily and create the most special experiences, thus offering truly unique tailor made trips and we take responsibility as a company. 


We are Charlie’s Travels: a young, Dutch travel agency (scale-up) aiming to show travelers the real, diverse Africa! This is only made possible because of our very skilled and passionate ‘Angels’: a group of Africa enthusiasts living spread across the continent. We have Angels in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and in the Netherlands. We join forces to organize unforgettable, off-the-beaten track tours in Eastern and Southern Africa, especially appealing to those travelers who want to escape the standard tourist route and embark on a more authentic adventure!


Charlie’s Travels has grown from a sole trader to a travel scale-up with over 40 Angels spread across the continent in 2.5 years. Growth continues unabated and so do our ambitions. In 4 years we are:

– The #1 off-the-beaten track travel agency in Africa for the Dutch Market.

– We develop unique experiences & routes in all regions of the continent.

– We have an extensive work-lifestyle community for our team of dedicated Africa lovers in offices & villas from which we can live, work and keep exploring  in style.

Jungle villa

              The Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenya

Next step


Kindly fill in your personal details so that we can keep your details in our database and contact you when we see opportunities to work together (now or in future!)