• Operations and Finance manager

    Are you a real traveler at heart? Do you avoid the all-inclusive resorts with breakfast buffets and crowded swimming pools? Most importantly: do you always look to broaden your horizons and dream of making the African continent your own playground? If the answer is Yes, Yes and Yes.. keep reading!

Africa, the other Story

If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes and clichés, it is Africa. Until recently, mainly sensational & disastrous reports reached living rooms all over the globe. Often with reason of course but these messages dictate only 1 side of generally complex stories and always a rather negative one. 

This continent is bursting with positive stories and a diversity so wide, you cannot comprehend it from the comfort of your couch at home. This one-sided story and dark image needs to change and tourism is the perfect tool to help this cause. An industry that is stuck in clichés, in which travelers are being pushed into the same classic directions. What have you really seen and experienced on this continent? Yes you have seen beautiful wildlife. But how many people have you really spoken to? What is the biggest eye-opener you encountered? Which foods did you try? Really, what is the complete story that you bring back from your travels in Africa? 

Together with you, our travelers and our partners, we want to paint a complete picture and let people also engage in the ‘real Africa’! We do this by offering a refreshing way of traveling. How? First of all, by simply being on ground 24/7 in the destinations we specialize in. We are able to develop our own routes, expand our network daily and create the most special experiences, thus offering truly unique trips!

Jungle villa

Our Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenia

About Charlie’s Travels

We are Charlie’s Travels: a young, Dutch travel agency (scale-up) aiming to show travelers the real, diverse Africa! This is only made possible because of our very skilled and passionate ‘Angels’: a group of Africa enthusiasts living spread across the continent. We have Angels in Nairobi, Cape Town, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and in the Netherlands. We join forces to organize unforgettable, off-the-beaten track tours in Eastern and Southern Africa, especially appealing to those travelers who want to escape the standard tourist route and embark on a more authentic adventure!

Startup to scale-up!

Charlie’s Travels has grown from a sole trader to a travel scale-up with over 40 Angels spread across the continent in 2.5 years. Growth continues unabated and so do our ambitions. In 5 years we are: 

– The #1 off-the-beaten track travel agency in Africa for the Dutch Market.

– We develop unique experiences & routes in all regions of the continent. 

– We have an extensive work-lifestyle community for our team of dedicated Africa lovers in offices & villas from which we can live, work and keep exploring in style.

About the role

Charlie’s Travels Southern Africa operates from Cape Town, the buzzing tourism capital of Southern Africa! From the Mother City we design and organize diverse trips throughout Southern Africa. You will be working in a small team of about 4-6 pax from here. Your duties and responsibilities, among others, entail:

You stand for the company with care for our clients and operations team by displaying credibility. Together with the Sales Manager you are responsible for the successful execution of sold trips; to act as one team selling and fulfilling the trips. You will contribute to the growth of your team and the company and to more sustainable trips. Additionally, you continuously will analyse our products, processes and strategy in order to ensure the team will grow and develop their careers.


  • Responsible for customer satisfaction in cooperation with sales in Southern African Countries
  • Overseeing the business efficiency of the branch office
  • Build the business at management level and contribute in developing expansion strategy, new product development and markets
  • With your team organising the trips from A to Z (logistics, accommodations, activities, suppliers and local partners)
  • Responsible for training and managing the Operations Team
  • Keep costs low by keeping track of real costs versus budgeted costs
  • Improve internal workflow (monitor and evaluate work processes)
  • Build and maintain a good relationship with local partners & communities, train them to become even better representatives of Charlie’s Travels
  • Negotiate rates with our service providers
  • Active participation in product development 
  • With the data available in your department, you analyse dashboards, share results with the company and measure performance within your team.
  • Analyze customer complaints with Sales manager and come up with comprehensive sustainable solutions 
  • Recording all transactions
  • Making payments via different platforms 
  • Keeping track of invoices and payments (sales, purchases etc)
  • Tax returns (when applicable)
  • Cash handling when required
  • Reconciliations of payment platforms 
  • Provide reports and expense overviews to Finance Manager
  • Documentation and filing official business documentation

Your profile

  • Minimum 5 years work experience in the travel industry in Southern Africa
  • Management experience is an added advantage
  • Able to work and connect both on strategic level as operational level
  • Great people skills
  • Organisational and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills (English) 
  • Solution driven/troubleshooting/innovative
  • Cultural sensitive and empathic
  • Flexible and capable in dealing with unexpected events happening during trips
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Accountable and responsible

Our offer

  • Market conform salary with the possibility to earn a bonus based on performance.
  • First 3 months trial period (see how the collaboration works from both sides) with the possibility to grow into a full-time contract for at least 1 year.
  • The freedom to start your own projects you feel passionate about. For example: designing and developing new experiences in Southern Africa.
  • Opportunities to discover new places during Business Development trips.
  • Unique opportunity to experience a real scale-up!
  • Growth opportunities in line with the company’s’ growth.
  • Entrepreneurial business environment with an international team.
  • A yearly work trip to CT headquarters in Nairobi.

Next step

Do you find yourself completely drawn to the role of a Charlie’s Angel? Great! Fill in your personal details on the website: ‘vacatures’ – click on ‘apply now’ in the header and send your CV and motivation letter to Emke Prakken (Sales Manager SA): [email protected] and Sarah Vijzelman (HR): [email protected]


Before: Monday 9th December 2019!