• Wanted: Human Recources (HR) Assistant (Parttime)

    Did you think Charlie is the employee at Charlie’s Travels? Well then you are defenitely wrong. About 50 ‘Angels’ work here at the moment! And we’re growing faster and faster. So that means the offices will become bigger and bigger! Are you a real people person who knows how to coach people and contribute in increasing employee happiness? Then read along!


If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes and clichés, it is Africa. Until recently, mainly sensational & disastrous reports reached living rooms all over the globe. With a reason, but these messages dictate only 1 side of generally complex stories and often a rather negative one. 

This continent is bursting with positive stories and a diversity so wide you cannot comprehend it from the comfort of your couch at home. This one-sided story and negative perspective needs to change and tourism is the perfect tool to help this cause. An industry that is stuck in clichés, in which travelers are being pushed into the same typical directions. A safari or beach lodge is nice, but what have you really seen and experienced on this continent? Yes, you have seen beautiful wildlife. But how many people have you really spoken to? What is the biggest eye-opener you encountered? Which foods did you try? In the end: what is the complete story that you bring back home from your travels in Africa? 

Together with you, our travelers and our partners, we want to paint a complete picture and let people also engage in the ‘other side of Africa’! How? By offering a refreshing and authentic way of traveling and by sharing our stories. Being on ground 24/7 in the destinations we specialize in, enables us to develop our own routes, expand our network daily and create the most special experiences, thus offering truly unique tailor made trips and we take responsibility as a company. 


We are Charlie’s Travels: a young, Dutch travel agency (scale-up) aiming to show travelers the real, diverse Africa! This is only made possible because of our very skilled and passionate ‘Angels’: a group of Africa enthusiasts living spread across the continent. We have Angels in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and in the Netherlands. We join forces to organize unforgettable, off-the-beaten track tours in Eastern and Southern Africa, especially appealing to those travelers who want to escape the standard tourist route and embark on a more authentic adventure!


Charlie’s Travels has grown from a sole trader to a travel scale-up with over 40 Angels spread across the continent in 2.5 years. Growth continues unabated and so do our ambitions. In 5 years we are:

– The #1 off-the-beaten track travel agency in Africa for the Dutch Market.

– We develop unique experiences & routes in all regions of the continent.

– We have an extensive work-lifestyle community for our team of dedicated Africa lovers in offices & villas from which we can live, work and keep exploring  in style.

Jungle villa

The Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenya

About the role

A Human Resources (HR) Assistant is a qualified professional who handles the daily administrative and HR duties for +/- 50 employees spread over different African Countries. Responsibilities:

To assist the (HR) manager(s) with recruitment; 

To prepare contract proposals/ letters

To update staff records and files

To update the payroll of all employees

To apply for special pass/ work permit for international consultants or employees

To evaluate employee performance and to coach their personal development

To provide clerical support to all employees for our 3 offices (Nairobi, Kampala, Cape Town) 

To comply with the applicable laws of each county we work

To receive and handle complains 

To contribute in increasing employee happiness

To assist in evaluation and development of company policies

To act as a trusty in the company

To give input to further develop and professionalize the HR department 


Bachelor degree in a relevant field (Human Resource Management)

4- 6 years of work experience

Experience in recruitment 

Experience in startups/ scale ups is an advantage

Experience in working in international environment is an advantage

Responsibilities data collection and analysis

People skills




Hands-on / pragmatic / problem solving

Accurate, detailed and organized

Enthusiastic about travel and tourism

Willingness to learn

Our offer

Temporary part time engagement of 1 year with possible renewal. Initially 2 days a week, from June – Aug (3 months) the possibility to work more days.

Competitive salary with the possibility to earn a bonus based on your performance.

Work at the most awesome office in Nairobi! You will share this office with Dutch and Kenyan colleagues with whom you can share travel stories and experiences.

A chef who will cook your lunch & the opportunity to have breakfast in the office.

The freedom to start your own projects you feel passionate about.

Unique opportunity to experience a real scale-up, an entrepreneurial business environment in which you can grow in line with the company’s growth!

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