• Wanted: Data Analyst / Project Manager

    Do you like to figure out the facts and numbers and analyse results? Share mindblowing new insights with others and make changes that really matter? But most importantly… Can you count to more then ten?!!! Nice. We are looking for you!


If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes and clichés, it is Africa. Until recently, mainly sensational & disastrous reports reached living rooms all over the globe. Often with reason of course but these messages dictate only 1 side of generally complex stories and often a rather negative one.

Together with you, our travelers and our partners, we want to paint a complete picture and let people also engage in the ‘real Africa’! We do this by offering a refreshing way of traveling. How? First of all, by simply being on ground 24/7 in the destinations we specialize in. We are able to develop our own routes, expand our network daily and create the most special experiences, thus offering truly unique trips!


We are Charlie’s Travels: a young, Dutch travel agency (scale-up) aiming to show travelers the real, diverse Africa! This is only made possible because of our very skilled and passionate ‘Angels’: a group of Africa enthusiasts living spread across the continent. We have Angels in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and in the Netherlands. We join forces to organize unforgettable, off-the-beaten track tours in Eastern and Southern Africa, especially appealing to those travelers who want to escape the standard tourist route and embark on a more authentic adventure!


Charlie’s Travels has grown from a sole trader to a travel scale-up with over 40 Angels spread across the continent in 2.5 years. Growth continues unabated and so do our ambitions. In 5 years we are:

– The #1 off-the-beaten track travel agency in Africa for the Dutch Market.

– We develop unique experiences & routes in all regions of the continent.

– We have an extensive work-lifestyle community for our team of dedicated Africa lovers in offices & villas from which we can live, work and keep exploring  in style.

Jungle villa

The Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenya

Okay awesome! So what is the job about?

Charlie’s Travels has grown significantly over the last 3 years: multiple offices, developing lots of new countries, new target markets and client types. To streamline our further expansion we need someone able to process our bulk of data, processes and ideas into strategic choices and new business. You will be a sparring partner and coach of all teams, find out what can be improved and be creative in finding new, pragmatic solutions and implement these. This will result in new ways of working, new team setups, tools and processes to make work more efficient and this eventually in growth. Take into account a chunk of this will be based on data analysis.

Responsibilities data collection and analysis:

Company-wide: inform company and management with better insight by further developing our dashboards, data analysis, set up new reports


  • Help creating a simple attribution model for all our (online) marketing channels. Which channels create the best leads? Are there patterns to discover?
  • Help with our marketing automation projects (e-mail automation, forms, booking process); 
  • Update our dashboards, come up with improvements. Sales: What are our best clients? Why? Where do we win or ‘lose’ clients and why?

Product: Look at client and business data to optimize our product offer in every country. Where should we focus on, what should we not do, where should we expand?

Operations: Develop model to easily determine best partners and way of working to improve execution and thus client experience

Other possible projects you might work on:

  • Support product development process. 
  • Set up an internal wikipedia site with all relevant information for and about clients, partners, colleagues.
  • Implementing new software for Sales and Operations, integration project software with our website.
  • Increase feedback response from clients and implement corresponding changes in way of working.

Who are you?

Analytical and strategic

Helicopter view


Hands on

Willing to work and live in Nairobi – Kenya for at least 1 year

Creative and pragmatic problem solving

Background in data analysis and project management

What do we offer

Competitive salary with the possibility to earn a bonus based on your performance.

Unique opportunity to experience a real scale-up, an entrepreneurial business environment in which you can grow in line with the company’s growth!

First 3 months trial period (see how the collaboration works from both sides) with the possibility to grow into a full-time contract for at least 1 year.

Work at the most awesome office in Nairobi! You will share this office with Dutch and Kenyan colleagues with whom you can share travel stories and experiences.

The freedom to start your own projects you feel passionate about.

Living and working in the Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenya. Traveling in Africa.

A chef who will cook a delicious lunch and dinner on working days.

Discover the most beautiful places in Africa!

Move up to positions in other countries.

Next step

Do you find yourself completely drawn to the role of a Charlie’s Angel? Great! Send your best motivation email filled with your experience and relevant skills and abilities in the travel sector to: Sarah Vijzelman [email protected] fill in your personal details below: