• Wanted: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer

    Sustainable travel… A combination of two words that is not easy to live up to. One flight is like smoking a pack of cigarettes for Mother Earth, and mass tourism doesn’t always have the best impact on local communities or ecosystems. But we don’t have to tell you this, because you are a Corporate Social Responsibility-miracle! Is your brain a creative source, bubbling with ideas on how to make tourism in Africa more sustainable? Then read along!


If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes and clichés, it is Africa. Until recently, mainly sensational & disastrous reports reached living rooms all over the globe. With a reason, but these messages dictate only 1 side of generally complex stories and often a rather negative one. 

This continent is bursting with positive stories and a diversity so wide you cannot comprehend it from the comfort of your couch at home. This one-sided story and negative perspective needs to change and tourism is the perfect tool to help this cause. An industry that is stuck in clichés, in which travelers are being pushed into the same typical directions. A safari or beach lodge is nice, but what have you really seen and experienced on this continent? Yes, you have seen beautiful wildlife. But how many people have you really spoken to? What is the biggest eye-opener you encountered? Which foods did you try? In the end: what is the complete story that you bring back home from your travels in Africa? 

Together with you, our travelers and our partners, we want to paint a complete picture and let people also engage in the ‘other side of Africa’! How? By offering a refreshing and authentic way of traveling and by sharing our stories. Being on ground 24/7 in the destinations we specialize in, enables us to develop our own routes, expand our network daily and create the most special experiences, thus offering truly unique tailor made trips and we take responsibility as a company. 

Jungle villa

The Jungle Villa in Nairobi, Kenya


Charlie’s Travels has grown from a sole trader to a travel scale-up with over 40 Angels spread across the continent in 2.5 years. Growth continues unabated and so do our ambitions. In 5 years we are:

– The #1 off-the-beaten track travel agency in Africa for the Dutch Market.

– We develop unique experiences & routes in all regions of the continent.

– We have an extensive work-lifestyle community for our team of dedicated Africa lovers in offices & villas from which we can live, work and keep exploring  in style.

About the role

As we mentioned above, we take our responsibility as a company: especially because we work in an industry which is not always so kind for our planet, our climate, local communities or ecosystems. This is why Charlie’s Travels is committed to sustainability, it is in our DNA and it is an important part of our business model. To be able to offer the same unique and authentic and honest experience in 3030, we have to take action. Already now, we see there is a gap between skills, capabilities, structure of what is required in the next years and what the local communities can offer. Moreover, our sustainable tourism efforts will lead to higher quality and enable growth in the future. 

Charlie’s Travels has developed a 3 pillar structure to organize our efforts around and this forms the basis of our Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2020.

1. Sustainable Community Development
2. Carbon and Ecological Footprint Mitigation
Cultural Intrusion & Behavior

The structure is set up, the ideas are there, but there is still a long, interesting and challenging journey to come! Together with the General Manager and support from all teams, you will further develop and rollout our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for the coming years. How can we make Charlie’s Travels and hopefully travel in Africa more sustainable? Working with our local partners to expand our business together in an honest way (maybe even setting up a sustainable tourism academy!), making sure our trips have maximum positive impact  but little emission and sharing our norms and values with clients, colleagues, partners and the world. That’s it in a nutshell!

Responsibilities data collection and analysis:

  • Set up internal Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to make sure sustainability is on the agenda/mind internally and externally all the time
  • Further explore possibilities with stakeholders and partners to set up a sustainable tourism academy
  • Find more carbon compensation partners and try to make ‘experiences’ of this (product development)
  • Do site visits, meet our partners, be creative in finding solutions to their local needs
  • Come up with a solution for plastic use in our trips
  • Write your own blogs / webpages and/or give input to our marketing team
  • Coordination of all Corporate Social Responsibility activities and communication
  • Create awareness and educate the team, the clients, the partners and the world about it!


  • Young, enthusiastic individual looking to change the travel industry
  • Able to represent Charlie’s Travels in Sustainable network and tell our story to the world
  • Knowledge in cultural sensitivity, ethical tourism and social inequality is a must
  • Experience in travel is an advantage
  • Independent, hands on person, able to creatively find solutions and take the lead in implementation
  • Relevant Study, minimum Bachelor, preferably Master
  • Relevant working experience in sustainability for at least 5 years

Our offer:

  • Competitive salary with the possibility to earn a bonus based on your performance. 
  • First 3 months trial period (see how the collaboration works from both sides) with the possibility to grow into a full-time contract for at least 1 year (renewable).
  • Work at the most awesome office in Nairobi! You will share this office with Dutch and Kenyan colleagues with whom you can share travel stories and experiences.
  • A chef who will cook your lunch & the opportunity to have breakfast in the office.
  • The freedom to start your own projects you feel passionate about.
  • Opportunities to discover new places.
  • Unique opportunity to experience a real scale-up, an entrepreneurial business environment in which you can grow in line with the company’s growth!

Next step

Do you find yourself completely drawn to the role of a Charlie’s Angel?

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